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Still going strong

TV Posted on Jan 17, 2016 10:04AM

Interesting interview published in The Sunday Express on December 29, 2015. Some really bad news about her singing, but it’s great to see that Ms. Carroll is still going strong: “A fighter, she is throwing herself into her new reality TV series, plus a leading role in feature film The Masked Saint, opening in the US next week and coming to the UK.”

Sister, Sister

TV Posted on Oct 25, 2014 10:32AM

See the 1982 drama, “Sister, Sister” on Youtube.

Diahann at the Women In Film gala

News & Updates Posted on Jun 22, 2012 12:34PM

Diahann Carroll at the 2012 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on June 12, 2012. Always in a class of her own!

R.I.P. Nolan Miller

News & Updates Posted on Jun 10, 2012 05:32PM

Nolan Miller, designer of those famous gowns Diahann and fellow Dynasty stars Linda Evans and Joan Collins wore, has died. Read more here:

Let’s face it – Mr. Miller was probably as important for the success of Dynasty as most of the cast was.

David Frost talks Diahann

News & Updates Posted on Mar 20, 2012 10:27AM

Dating Diahann Carroll

He does tell me, however, a lovely story about one of his exes, the gorgeous black American actress/singer Diahann Carroll, to whom he was engaged in the early 1970s. I was wondering if they’d ever experienced any hostility at that time, as a mixed-race couple, and he says not. “People had loved Diahann for years and they were all for us as a duo, and the only time when the subject came up was in an hilarious, hilarious way.”

The couple had been staying in a villa in the exclusive Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas, and “what we hadn’t realised was that Diahann was, in fact, the first black guest in the history of Lyford Cay – but there was nothing they could do about it because we were there.

“At one point, Diahann had gone in to take a call and the woman in the next-door villa said to me, ‘Oh, I must say Mr Frost, your girlfriend has a wonderful tan.’ Of course, when I told Diahann, she just fell about.

“But the point is that it was quite natural and understandable that the woman said it, because her thinking was, ‘Oh, it couldn’t be a black person, so it must be someone with a wonderful tan.’ I just said, ‘Thank you very much. I’ll tell her. She’d love to hear that.’”

Full interview here.

R.I.P. Hal Kanter

Other Posted on Nov 11, 2011 07:11PM

Hal Kanter, an Emmy-winning comedy writer, director and producer known for creating Julia, the first television series to center on the life of a black professional woman (starring, of course, our own Diahann Carroll), died on Sunday in Encino, Calif. He was 92.

Read the rest of this article here.

Diahann & Jennifer

News & Updates Posted on Oct 25, 2011 07:52PM

Diahann with Jennifer Holliday backstage at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial unveiling on The National Mall where President Obama gave the keynote speech this past week. Photo credit: Bill Carpenter/Capital Entertainment.

Dynasty Season 7 on DVD

TV Posted on Oct 16, 2011 09:16AM

Rejoice, European Dynasty fans! Season 7, a eight disc set, is released on DVD on November 16 in Scandinavia, and in December in Germany. Other areas to follow. This is the last season featuring Diahann Carroll as Dominique.

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